The Geithner Comedy Tour

This week Treasury Secretary Geithner visited China in an attempt to restore confidence in the US financial system. China holds around $900B of US Treasury debt and has become increasingly alarmed with the Fed's policy of monetizing the debt. In Beijing, Geithner addressed a student audience at Peking University where he attempted to reassure the audience by stating, "Chinese assets are very safe." Per the UK Telegraph, "The comment provoked laughter from the audience of students."

I sincerely hoped the audience tipped Geithner at the end of his act. As you can see below, we need all the help that we can get.


  1. My sense is that a healthy skepticism is building among young people across various nationalities as they increasingly realize that we're gambling with their economic future.

  2. Your in a better position than I to gauge their attitutdes. From what I've seen of my employer's latest batch of interns, I'm not sure that realize much of anything.