Scariest Video Ever

This morning, I saw a reference to this LiveLeak video on Minyanville. It is around time 2:05 when you should strap on a pair of Depends and have a seat. If this is true, I wonder why we never heard anything about it. My teevee couldn't have been lying to me, could it? So much for transparency.

On a less important note, I believe that the caller in the first part of this tape provides evidence that one of my theories is correct: Pain is the only path to true recovery. Where was the caller five years ago when Freddie Mac was buying regulatory blindness with campaign contributions? Where was she when that masterpiece in Corruptocratic legislation known as Bankruptcy Reform was passed? I'd wager she was watching American Idol and charging needless garbage at Walmart. She probably wouldn't have known who Kanjorski was if she saw him in the street. Now, through the catharisis of suffereing, she's awakened enough to debate fiscal policy with a ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee on national television. Right on.


  1. We are seeing people waking up to what's going on. Slowly, to be sure, but it's happening.

  2. Here is a link to an analysis of what happened when the Money Markets were getting cashed out.



    We all need to be alert to propaganda handed out to us, although I do not want to say that this economic tsunami is not real--it is.